The Fat Fix


$ 59.95

The Fat Fix is a cutting edge metabolism enhancing, antioxidant rich, weight loss performance product. Utilizing clinically tested wholesome ingredients backed by comprehensive studies, it is designed to provide proven improved performance. For both men AND women, The Fat Fix combines polyphenols derived from fruits and vegetables to aid in a variety of health benefits. Experience the motivation to get things done, try The Fat Fix Today!


Fiit-ns® is a synergistic blend of extracts from grapefruit, grape, green tea, guarana and black carrot, bringing strong antioxidant properties from various polyphenols. It is enhanced with vitamin B3 to increase the feeling of energy while reducing tiredness linked to active lifestyles.

Metabolic anti-aging

Fiit-ns® is a proprietary combination of extracts from grapefruit, grape, green tea, guarana, black carrot, bringing strong antioxidant properties from 4 complementary subclasses of polyphenols, and vitamin B3.

The selected polyphenols and active compounds deliver benefits for metabolic anti-aging and quality of life (QOL) improvement by the way of the rejuvenation of metabolic function such as body parameters and biomarkers of inflammation, cardiovascular health, oxidative stress … The higher felling of energy and overall well-being induced by Fiit-ns intake contribute to the improvement of QOL.

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Advantra Z

Advantra Z is extract of a citrus fruit (C. aurantium) which contains indirect-acting adrenergic amines (B-sympathicomimetics) in which help utilization of energy substrates, stimulate metabolic processes, help increase uptake of amino acids into muscle, increases lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and could have mild hunger-suppressant effects.

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Chromax® Chromium Picolinate

Chromax® chromium picolinate is different from other forms of chromium in that it has:

  • A stable chemical structure
  • Superior absorption
  • Extensive clinical testing
  • Extensive safety testing
  • Extensive regulatory review
  • Always been manufactured in the U.S. according to applicable GMP standards

Nutrition 21 supplies Chromax® chromium picolinate to leading manufacturers marketing effective products designed to promote and help support consumer’s dietary and nutritional needs in:

  • Glucose Metabolism & Insulin Resistance
  • Appetite Control & Weight Management
  • Heart Health & Cholesterol
  • Energy Support
  • Brain Health
  • Immune System Health

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Award-winning, category-creating Capsimax® is concentrated highly-active, natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers that delivers all of the heat of capsaicin without the burn.  Made with patented OmniBeadTMtechnology, concentrated highly active, natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers is encapsulated in a controlled-release coating. Capsimax delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation of unprotected red hot peppers.

The capsaicinoids in Capsimax support energy production by promoting healthy metabolism, the mobilization of fats for energy production (a process called lipolysis), and thermogenesis by generating heat in the body.

A natural, non-stimulant dietary ingredient, Capsimax is available in hundreds of products around the world. Those products include active lifestyle supplements, supplements for healthy metabolism, weight management capsules and powders, sports nutrition capsules and powders and antioxidant supplements.

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